The Next Step in Your Banking Transformation Journey

Theatre 1

Banking Transformation


The banking sector is in the midst of massive digital disruption. This theatre will explore how the role of banks are changing, how they are adapting to an increasingly digital market, and what strategies can be adopted internally and externally to not only meet the challenges, but continue to thrive in a fast-paced, digital-first landscape. Leading voices share their predictions for banks of the future and discuss the key challenges facing the sector.

What's being covered:

- What does the Bank of 2030 look like?
- Digital transformation for traditional banks
- CX and changing customer expectations
- Embracing agility and defining a digital culture
- Financial wellbeing
- The impact of emerging technologies

Theatre 2

Fintech and Challengers


Recent years have seen an explosion of competition across the banking and financial services sector. Traditional players still hold powerful market share, but fintechs and challenger banks continue to threaten the status quo with better customer service, a more personalised approach and innovative products and services. But can fintechs and challengers take the next step and truly dominate the market, will profitability follow their rapid growth? And what innovations should we expect to see over the next few years?

What's being covered

- The next challenge for challenger banks
- The development of cloud banking
- The roadmap to open finance
- Competition vs collaboration and partnerships
- Exploring personalisation and automation
- Data privacy and security

Theatre 3

Banking Innovation


Market disruption can be a threat to existing players, but it also brings opportunity. Open banking has increased competition and paved the way for new products and services. On the back of this, embedded finance has the potential to reshape the entire financial ecosystem. New players are entering the space, and seemingly every company now has the opportunity to become a fintech. But what does this mean for existing financial institutions? How can new revenue streams be identified and maximised? And what role does data play in the financial sector moving forwards?

What's being covered

- Maximising open banking
- New business models for financial services
- The roadmap to open finance
- Maximising and monetizing data
- Exploring embedded banking and BaaS
- Banking in an API economy