The Next Step in Your Banking Transformation Journey

0900 - 0920

Coffee, Orientation and Networking

Please arrive in good time to have your registration processed, networking setup, familiarise yourself with the hall, get your 1st coffee of the day and take your seat for the opening session!

0920 - 0940

Organisers Welcome and Chairs Overview

  • Welcome to Banking Transformation Summit, Meet the Audience and how to maximise your time at the show!
  • Chairs welcome and market overview

0940 - 1020

1. Transformation Theatre

Exploring the Bank of 2030

  • What do modern customers expect from their bank and how is that changing?
  • Is the high street bank branch dead? What purpose could they still serve?
  • Will customer data and behaviour be the main driver for transformation across the banking sector?
  • How will the future of money, transactions and the decline of cash impact banks?
  • 2030 Predictions: What are the key features of our future banks?

Cat Haines, Partner, EY - Moderator

Richard Davies, CEO, Allica Bank

Lana Abdullayeva, Founding Director, Chez FinTech

Sarah Holt, Head of Partnerships, Monese

Sarah Uhlfelder, VP Partner Sales EMEA, NortonLifeLock

2. Evolution Theatre

Banking Technology: Preparing for a New Age of Digital Banking

  • Will digital only banks soon dominate the financial landscape?
  • How are APIs reshaping the banking world?
  • Is automation the future or should human interaction still be prioritised?
  • Does a digital approach improve security or increase risk?
  • Is legacy technology still a barrier to going digital?
  • Which technologies are set to have the greatest impact on the FS over the next 5-10 years?

Simon Jones, Independent Consultant - Moderator

Hany Choueiri, Board Vice-Chair GLEIF & Independent Consultant

Rob Howse, Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer, Leeds Building Society

Jamie Broadbent, Head of Digital, Innovation & Design, RBS International

Aruna Bhalla, Senior Manager, Partnerships Delivery & Experience, TSB

James Rendell, CTO & Strategist at Arcot, Broadcom Software

1020 - 1040

1. Transformation Theatre

A Banking Core in the Cloud: Unlocking Endless Possibilities

Dominic Stewart, Senior Director, Cloud Engineering, Oracle UK

2. Evolution Theatre

How HSBC is Enabling 1 Million Customers to Start Investing Digitally

Jason Sweeney, Senior Digital Product Manager: Wealth and Insurance, HSBC

Myles Davidson, Director of Business Development - Banking & Finance, Zuhlke

1040 - 1100

1. Transformation Theatre

Driving Growth Through the Digital Consumer Journey

Alisha Kapur, Senior Financial Services Industry Manager, Similarweb

2. Evolution Theatre

Driving Digital Banking Experiences

Vaneet Grewal, Managing Director - Financial Services, Box

1100 - 1130

Networking Break: Complimentary Tea & Coffee

Discuss the mornings session with your fellow attendees. Meet our industry leading partners in the networking hall. Take advantage of the "ice breaker stickers" and start a new conversation. Join the LinkedIn event and message those attendees you want to meet or identify them from the Polaroid Wall!

1130 - 1210

1. Transformation Theatre

Transformation for Traditional Banks: Going Digital

  • What does a digital roadmap look like for a major bank?
  • Are traditional banks fully equipped for a truly digital approach?
  • Should incumbents focus on transformation, or launch their own digital challengers?
  • Can the adoption of expensive emerging tech drive down costs?
  • Should the focus of transformation be on technology, or is a cultural shift more important?

Dola Fashola, Digital Delivery & Customer Experience Director, PwC - Moderator

Steve Suarez, Global Head of Innovation, Global Functions, HSBC

Damian Turcinov, Digital Strategist, Coutts

Jonathan Annis, Area Vice President - EMEA, nCino

Angela Johnson De Wet, Cloud Enabled Business Transformation - Head of Function, Lloyds Banking Group

2. Evolution Theatre

The Next Challenge for Challenger Banks

  • Can challenger banks continue to compete with traditional FIs as they transition to digital?
  • How can large user bases be transformed into profitable business models?
  • With challengers accelerating the rate of change, what are the next innovations on the horizon?
  • Customer trust and brand loyalty: Can new banks compete with existing players
  • Where are the biggest opportunities for new players in an increasingly competitive market?

Hubert Petka, Global Head of Consumer Digital & Segment, RFI Global

Nick Bennett, Chief Technology and Operations Officer, Castle Trust Bank

Sarah Holt, Head of Partnerships, Monese

Guy Duncan, Chief Technology Officer, Tide

Nicolas Vrillaud, Head of Partnerships, Mettle

3. Innovation Theatre

Growth and Opportunities: Maximising Open Banking

  • How is Open Banking reshaping the financial landscape?
  • What new revenue streams and business models have open banking highlighted?
  • How can both fintechs and traditional financial institutions benefit from Open Banking?
  • How can we accelerate consumer take-up?
  • How might open banking regulation reforms change the landscape?

Amit Mallick, Managing Director - Global Open Banking and APIs Lead, Accenture

Chris Higham, Head of Payments & Cards, Secure Trust Bank

Stuart Miller, Chief Customer Officer, Newcastle Building Society

Arthur Leung, Chief Product Officer, Shawbrook Bank

1215 - 1235

1. Transformation Theatre

Resilience: The Foundation for Digital Banking

James Rendell, CTO & Strategist at Arcot, Broadcom Software

2. Evolution Theatre

Building a Banking Cyber Safety Strategy to Protect Customers Interaction, Build Trust and Loyalty

Roger Hockaday, Global Head of Technology Marketing, NortonLifeLock

3. Innovation Theatre

How Banks Are Modernising Operations with Low-Code Apps & Automation

Antonio Vazquez, CIO, Bizagi

Jorge Soares, CEO, ABP Consultancy

1240 - 1300

1. Transformation Theatre

The Power of Trust in Banking: The New Financial Frontier of Biometric Identity

David Awit, Strategic Expansion - EMEA, Incode

2. Evolution Theatre

The Future of Blockchain, Liquidity, and Banking

Fireside Chat with Sendi Young, Managing Director - Europe, Ripple

Hosted by Emily Nicolle, Crypto Blogger, Bloomberg

3. Innovation Theatre

Solving Critical Skills Gaps and Improving Diversity in Financial Services with Apprenticeships

George Burbidge, Commercial Account Executive, Multiverse

Hazal Muhtar, Senior Analytics Lead, Wise

Dan Laush, Software Engineering Manager, Wise

1300 - 1400

Lunch & Networking Break: Complimentary Buffet Lunch

Enjoy the buffet lunch. Discuss the days proceedings so far with your fellow attendees. Meet our industry leading partners in the networking hall. Take advantage of the "ice breaker stickers" and start a new conversation. Join the LinkedIn event and message those attendees you want to meet or identify them from the Polaroid Wall!

1400 - 1440

1. Transformation Theatre

The Future of CX and Changing Customer Expectations

  • Why is CX a key battleground in a digital-first financial services landscape
  • How have customer expectations changed?
  • How can you create tangible value through next level CX?
  • Is hyper-personalisation the next step in CX?
  • What does a seamless customer journey look like in 2022 and beyond?

Eleni Digalaki, Principal Analyst, Insider Intelligence - Moderator

Mike Cowen, Head of Innovation & Customer Experience - Europe, Mastercard

Reena Sukha, Chief Information Officer, Investec UK

Øystein Hem, Chief Financial Officer, Pexip

2. Evolution Theatre

From Competition to Collaboration: The Rocky Relationship Between Fintechs and Banks

  • How has this new era of collaboration over competition developed?
  • How well are fintech/bank partnerships working in reality?
  • Existing projects – what tangible successes have we seen across financial services?
  • How has BaaS and open banking impacted partnerships and collaboration?
  • How do these partnerships create real benefits for customers?

Alina Timofeeva, Principal (Associate Partner), Digital & FS, Oliver Wyman - Moderator

Michael Anyfantakis, Chief Architect and Head of Product, Capital One UK

Nachiketa Sharma, Vice President, Digital Innovation , JP Morgan

Alisha Kapur, Senior Financial Services Industry Manager, Similarweb

3. Innovation Theatre

Banking-as-a-Service and Embedded Banking

  • What is the difference between BaaS, BaaP and embedded banking?
  • Why are BaaS and embedded banking so important right now? What impact are they having?
  • Should BaaS be viewed as a threat to traditional banks or an opportunity?
  • With embedded banking still in its infancy, what opportunities are yet to be realised by new and existing players?
  • What will the financial sector look like as more brands embed financial products and services?

Cat Haines, Partner, EY - Moderator

Andy Lyons, Managing Director & Head of Banking Solutions, Contis

Nigel Verdon, Co-Founder & CEO, Railsr

David Law, Managing Director, Global Credit Markets, Standard Chartered Bank

Mick Fennell, Business Line Director - Payments, Temenos

1445 - 1505

1. Transformation Theatre

Closing a Critical Technology Gap in Banking Transformation

Rufino Chiong, Head of Industry - EMEA, Workday

2. Evolution Theatre

Improving Digital Experience to Deliver Enhanced Employee and Customer Satisfaction

John Atkinson, Director, Solutions Engineering, UK & Ireland, Riverbed Technology

3. Innovation Theatre

The Race to High Velocity: The Power of Composability

Fireside Chat with Ben Snowman, VP Partnerships & Advisory, Mambu

Hosted by John Lyons, Partner, PwC

1510 - 1530

1. Transformation Theatre

The Fast Track for Scaling-up Digital Services

Shai Zmigrod, SVP Sales EMEA, GigaSpaces

2. Evolution Theatre

Transforming Your Bank? You Need to Transform Your Data Layer Too!

David Walker, Field CTO - EMEA, Yugabyte

3. Innovation Theatre

Banking in the Metaverse: A World of New Possibilities

Santosh Kumar, Global Head of Banking Solutions, HCL Technologies

1535 - 1555

1. Transformation Theatre

Exceed Omnichannel CX Expectations with Data-Driven Next Generation CX

Gaston Hummel, Solution Marketing Manager, Precisely

2. Evolution Theatre

Unlocking the Value of Transactional Data in the Cloud

Dom Couldwell, Head of Field Engineering, EMEA, DataStax

Dr Eloise Taysom, Head of Product, Bud

3. Innovation Theatre

Free Session


1600 - 1640

1. Transformation Theatre

A Core Issue: Reshaping Core Banking Capabilities for a Digital Era

  • Are legacy systems still the main barrier to core banking transformation?
  • What are the challenges and risks of core banking system replacements and updates?
  • How are traditional banking platforms and systems changing?
  • How can Cloud and SaaS technology drive more customer-centric banking experiences?
  • Fast, flexible and scalable: Key pillars for banking in a digital age?

Hans Tesselaar, Executive Director, Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN) - Moderator

Samaneh Khaleghi, Enterprise Architect, Lloyds Banking Group

Dominic Stewart, Senior Director, Cloud Engineering, Oracle UK

Richard James, Ways of Working Enablement Leader, Nationwide

Sholthana Begum, Head of RegTech, Data and Innovation, Bank of England

2. Evolution Theatre

Personalisation and Automation across the Banking Landscape

  • What are the benefits of building a 360-degree view of your customer?
  • Is omnichannel banking becoming a reality or still a long way off?
  • Do customers actually want their banks’ AI to ‘do’ their banking for them?
  • What does a self-service customer journey look like and is the human touch still important?
  • What are the risks of increased automation in financial services?

Graham Cressey, Fintech Innovation Lab Lead, Accenture - Moderator

Sreekar Periketi, Executive Director, Morgan Stanley

Olaf Hofmann, Director of Product Management, N26

Richard Harris, Marketing Director, Cynergy Bank

Aditi Subbarao, Financial Services Industry Lead, Instabase

3. Innovation Theatre

How Open Finance Will Impact the Financial Landscape

  • What is the true potential of open finance and how can we ensure it is unlocked?
  • What are the risks and challenges to overcome as open finance develops?
  • Are the benefits of open finance reaching the consumer?
  • How is open finance progressing on a global scale?
  • What next? Is ‘open everything’ the eventual aim?

Sulabh Agarwal, Managing Director, Global Head of Payments, Accenture - Moderator

Vinita Ramtri, APAC Head of Delivery, Delta Capita

Hakan Eroglu, Global Open Data & Open Banking Lead, D&S, Mastercard

Wasim Mushtaq, Transformation Lead, Financial Markets, Standard Chartered Bank

1640 - 1715

Networking Drinks Reception

Join us for complimentary beers, wine and soft drinks served in the main hall and (weather permitting) outside on the terrace.