The Next Step in Your Banking Transformation Journey

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Theatre 2

Banking Evolution

Recent years have seen an explosion of competition across the banking and financial services sector. Traditional players still hold powerful market share, but fintechs and challenger banks continue to threaten the status quo with better customer service, a more personalised approach and innovative products and services. But can fintechs and challengers take the next step and truly dominate the market, will profitability follow their rapid growth? And what innovations should we expect to see over the next few years?
Keynote Panel
Banking Technology: Preparing for a New Age of Digital Banking
  • Will digital only banks soon dominate the financial landscape?
  • How are APIs reshaping the banking world?
  • Is automation the future or should human interaction still be prioritised?
  • Does a digital approach improve security or increase risk?
  • Is legacy technology still a barrier to going digital?
  • Which technologies are set to have the greatest impact on the FS over the next 5-10 years?

Hany Choueiri, Board Vice-Chair GLEIF & Independent Consultant

Rob Howse, Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer, Leeds Building Society

Jamie Broadbent, Head of Digital, Innovation & Design, RBS International

Aruna Bhalla, Senior Manager, Partnerships Delivery & Experience, TSB

James Rendell, CTO & Strategist at Arcot, Broadcom Software

Susanne Chishti, Chief Executive Officer, FINTECH Circle - Moderator

Keynote Presentation

How HSBC is Enabling 1 Million Customers to Start Investing Digitally
  • How to build trust digitally to help people take their first step towards becoming an investor
  • How can technology bridge the gap between demand for financial planning and its availability
  • Financial literacy in the UK remains shockingly low. By helping people to become an investor, HSBC is paving the way for wealth democratization. What is required to make this happen?

Myles Davidson, Director of Business Development - Banking & Finance, Zuhlke

Jason Sweeney, Senior Digital Product Manager: Wealth and Insurance, HSBC

Workshop Presentation
Driving Digital Banking Experiences

Vaneet Grewal, Managing Director - Financial Services, Box

Panel Discussion
The Next Challenge for Challenger Banks
  • Can challenger banks continue to compete with traditional FIs as they transition to digital?
  • How can large user bases be transformed into profitable business models?
  • With challengers accelerating the rate of change, what are the next innovations on the horizon?
  • Customer trust and brand loyalty: Can new banks compete with existing players
  • Where are the biggest opportunities for new players in an increasingly competitive market?

Nick Bennett, Chief Technology and Operations Officer, Castle Trust Bank

Sarah Holt, Head of Partnerships, Monese

Guy Duncan, Chief Technology Officer, Tide

Hubert Petka, Global Head of Consumer Digital & Segment, RFI Global - Moderator

Workshop Presentation
Building a Banking Cyber Safety Strategy to Protect Customers Interaction, Build Trust and Loyalty

Roger Hockaday, Global Head of Technology Marketing, NortonLifeLock

Fireside Chat
The Future of Blockchain, Liquidity, and Banking

Sendi Young, Managing Director - Europe, Ripple

Emily Nicolle, Crypto Blogger, Bloomberg

Panel Discussion
From Competition to Collaboration: The Rocky Relationship Between Fintechs and Banks
  • How has this new era of collaboration over competition developed?
  • How well are fintech/bank partnerships working in reality?
  • Existing projects – what tangible successes have we seen across financial services?
  • How has BaaS and open banking impacted partnerships and collaboration?
  • How do these partnerships create real benefits for customers?

Michael Anyfantakis, Chief Architect and Head of Product, Capital One UK

Neha Manaktala, Head of Digital Innovation - EMEA, CIB, J.P. Morgan

Aman Thind, Chief Technology Officer, State Street Digital Assets

Alisha Kapur, Senior Financial Services Industry Manager, Similarweb

Sarah Kocianski, Strategic Insights, Founders Factory - Moderator

Workshop Presentation
Improving Digital Experience to Deliver Enhanced Employee and Customer Satisfaction

John Atkinson, Director, Solutions Engineering, UK & Ireland, Riverbed Technology

Workshop Presentation
Transforming Your Bank? You Need to Transform Your Data Layer Too!

Banking solutions are changing to meet the challenges of compliance, cloud-native, open banking, etc.

We’ve started the journey to application modernisation and the adoption of cloud native infrastructures

But organisations need to urgently start looking at how and where they store data to deliver the full benefits of scalable cloud-native solutions – What are the challenges and where will we find solutions?

David Walker, Field CTO - EMEA, Yugabyte

Workshop Presentation
What Does the Future of KYC in Banking Look Like?
Panel Discussion
Personalisation and Automation across the Banking Landscape
  • What are the benefits of building a 360-degree view of your customer?
  • Is omnichannel banking becoming a reality or still a long way off?
  • Do customers actually want their banks’ AI to ‘do’ their banking for them?
  • What does a self-service customer journey look like and is the human touch still important?
  • What are the risks of increased automation in financial services?

Sreekar Periketi, Executive Director, Morgan Stanley

Olaf Hofmann, Director of Product Management, N26

Nick Fahy, CEO, Cynergy Bank

Aditi Subbarao, Financial Services Industry Lead, Instabase

Hayley Stevens, Managing Principal, Chaucer - Moderator