Exploring the Future of Work and Developing a Digital Culture in Financial Services


With thanks to our expert panellists:

Thea Loch
Thea Loch
Head of Group Optimisation
Lloyds Banking Group
Lawrence Leyden
Laurence Leyden
Regional Vice President of Financial Services
Nicole Morrow
Senior HR Business Partner
Hargreaves Lansdown
Mark Johnstone

Questions covered include:

- What are the driving factors behind changing trends in workplace cultures and the way we work?

- What are some of the challenges financial services are facing when trying to implement a digital focused, agile way of working?

- What strategies can banks implement to foster a strong and positive workplace culture?

- How can technology be used to optimise HR processes and enhance employee engagement and productivity?

- What are some strategies for promoting further innovation, collaboration, and agility in the banking industry?

- What role does leadership play in shaping digital culture and building a future-ready workforce?

- How can companies measure the effectiveness of their digital culture and future-ready workforce initiatives?

- How can organisations stay ahead of the curve and continue to innovate and adapt in a rapidly changing technological landscape?

- How can firms ensure that their workforce is diverse, inclusive, and equitable, and what impact can this have on their overall success?

- What emerging trends and technologies do you see having the greatest impact on your industry in the coming years, and how can firms prepare for these changes?

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