Banking on Tomorrow: Exploring the Future of Banking Technology

Live Webinar Series

Put your questions to:

Niall Ballabarba
Niall Bellabarba
Senior Cloud Architect
DWS International
Christian Hull
AI Engagement Strategy
BNY Mellon
JP Desbiole
Jean-Philippe Desbiolles
Vice-President & Managing Director – Financial Services
Saira Khan
Head of Innovation & Partnerships
First Direct Bank
Mark Johnstone

Questions to be covered include:

1. How important is the implementation of new tech as the banking industry develops?

2. What impact do you think AI and machine learning will have on the banking industry in the coming years?

3. How important is customer experience in the future of banking technology, and what steps are banks taking to improve it?

4. What role do you see fintech companies playing in the future of the banking industry, and how do you think traditional banks will need to adapt to stay competitive?

5. What do you think will be the biggest challenges facing banks as they adapt to the future of banking technology, and how can they overcome them?