Banking on Tomorrow: Exploring the Future of Banking Technology

Live Webinar Series

With thanks to our expert panellists:

Niall Ballabarba
Niall Bellabarba
Senior Cloud Architect
DWS International
JP Desbiole
Jean-Philippe Desbiolles
Vice-President & Managing Director – Financial Services
Saira Khan
Head of Innovation & Partnerships
First Direct Bank
Mark Johnstone

Questions covered included:

- How important is the implementation of new tech as the banking industry develops?

- What impact do you think AI and machine learning will have on the banking industry in the coming years?

- How important is customer experience in the future of banking technology, and what steps are banks taking to improve it?

- What role do you see fintech companies playing in the future of the banking industry, and how do you think traditional banks will need to adapt to stay competitive?

- What do you think will be the biggest challenges facing banks as they adapt to the future of banking technology, and how can they overcome them?