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SETL is dedicated to building and operating DLT solutions for Financial Markets, Asset Management and Payments. SETL’s core technology is proprietary, market leading and designed specifically for high performance, low latency regulated markets

  • SETL is a high growth organisation that is building infrastructures and solutions across the global financial services market
  • SETL’s proprietary technology is robust, industry leading and can be tailored to meet performance, confidentiality, identity and regulatory needs of critical financial market infrastructures and solutions
  • SETL is the only DLT company to provide technology to regulated financial market infrastructures that are live and operational (ID2S / IZNES)
  • SETL has a strong and geographically diverse pipeline of market infrastructure projects with further initiatives in progress throughout 2020 – in Europe and in the US across its three key business lines: Financial Markets, Asset Management, and Payments
  • SETL has a deeply experienced Executive team and Board which is chaired by Sir David Walker, former Chairman of Barclays. The board also consists of Christian Noyer, ex-Governor of the Banque de France and Professor Philip Bond, visiting fellow of Oxford University